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Temporary Residence Visas allow individuals reside in Nigeria for a period not exceeding two years. Visas and their brief descriptions are listed below. To view more information on each visa class (such as eligibility, fees, validity, etc.), Click on more details

Academic Exchange Programme

Spouse of AEP Visa – R8B

R8B - Spouse of AEP Visa is issued to Spouse of Academic Exchange Programme (AEP) participant to reside in Nigeria

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Academic exchange programme (AEP) Visa – R8A

AEP Visa is issued for the purpose of Resident Academic Exchange Program (AEP) in Nigeria.

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Academic Exchange Programme (Student, scholar, Lecturer) Visa – F7H

F7H - Academic Exchange Programme (AEP) Visa is a single entry visa issued for the purpose of academic exchange programme

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Interns Visa – R9A

R9A - Intern Visa is issued to persons who wish to undergo resident internship programme in Nigeria

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Spouse of Student Visa – R7B

R7B - Spouse of Student Visa is issued to spouse of international student in Nigeria

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Student Visa – R7A

R7A - Student Visa is issued for the purpose of schooling in Nigeria

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