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Spouse of Nigerian Citizen Visa – N1A

N1A - Spouse of Nigerian Citizen Visa is a class of Permanent Residence Visas issued to Spouses of Nigerian Citizens, in line with the provision of Section 37 (10) of Immigration Act 2015

Visa Category

Permanent Residence Visa

Sub category

Nigerians by Birth and Relatives of Nigerians


  • Spouse of Nigerian Citizens
  • Requirements
  • Evidence of Marriage
  • Application by Nigerian spouse
  • Visa Validity

    Valid for not more than 90 days from the date of issuance

    Permit Type and duration of Stay

    Multiple Entry. Residence Permit Indefinite (Passport Validity)

    Permited Activicties

    To reside in Nigeria

    Restricted Activicties

  • Not valid for work
  • Permitted Visa Channels

  • Embassy
  • Important Note: