Nigeria Immigration Service ECOWAS Travel Certificates

ECOWAS Travel Certificates


  • All Nationals of Countries that are signatories to the ECOWAS Treaty.


  • It is valid for travel within the ECOWAS Sub-region.

Purpose of Travel Certificate

  • Passport:
    • It is a recognized travel document valid for travels within the Sixteen (16) Countries of ECOWAS.

  • Form of Identity:
    • This proves that the holder is a community citizen.
    • It can be held concurrently with the National Passport.

Issuing Authority

The certificate is issued at the Service Headquarters, 36 State Commands, FCT office as well as all Immigration offices in the 774 local governments of the Federation.

Requirements for Issuance of ECOWAS Travel Certificate

  • Duly completed application form
  • Three(3) recent colored (4×4 cm) passport photographs
  • Evidence of age (birth certificate or statutory declaration of age)
  • Letter of Introduction from Employer (for salaried workers only)
  • Letter of confirmation of Nigerian Citizenship from applicant’s Local Government Chairman.
  • Students and Trainee applicants shall obtain letters of introduction from the heads of their institutions accepting Immigration Responsibility (IR)
  • Any other document which might be required by any locality as evidence of Nigerian Citizenship.


  • A Travel Certificate shall be valid for two (2) years and shall be renewable for a further period of two (2) years.

Replacement, Amendments etc

A travel Certificate may be replaced on the following conditions:

  • If the pages are exhausted while the certificate is still valid.
  • If the certificate has lasted for the ten years total validity period.
  • If it is mutilated in any form or requires amendment.
  • If it is confirmed lost or stolen.


Application for replacement shall be made in the same or any other prescribed form, and supported by attaching the certificate to be replaced. Lost or stolen certificate may only be replaced after a reasonable time must have elapsed (i.e. about two to six months) and must be supported with.

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Police report