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Dependent of Expatriate – Free Zone (Minor)Visa – R3C

R3C - Dependent of Expatriate-Free Zone Visa is issued to dependent of employed expatriate in Free Zones who are less than 18 years of age

Visa Category

Temporary Residence Visa

Sub category

Employment (Expatriate - Free Zone)


  • Dependent less than18 years accompanying employed expatriates in free zones
  • Requirements
  • Formal application for R3C Visa from the Employer/Institution accepting Immigration Responsibility
  • Letter from the principal Immigrant
  • Visa Validity

    Valid for not more than 90 days from date of issuance

    Permit Type and duration of Stay

    Residence permit subject to validity of the principal

    Permited Activicties

    Reside in Nigeria as accompanying spouse to employed Expatriate in Free zone

    Restricted Activicties

  • Not permitted for work
  • Permitted Visa Channels

  • Embassy
  • Important Note: