Important information to note on the Enhanced e-Passport

MANDATORY:Is the National Identity Number (NIN) which is a mandatory fill and requirement in the quest for the enhanced e-passport, other issues of note includes:

  1. Correct spelling of names which must be the same given to immigration service and NIMC as biodata,
  2. No use or inclusion of titles such as Chief, Mallam, Alhaji, Dr, Prof, Pastor, Reverend, Mr, Mrs, Bishop, Imam, Justice, or even Military or Para-Military ranks and titles of Royal Fathers,
  3. Any difference between the information given to NIS and NIMC will delay the process as the system is programmed to identify accurate information and rejecting inaccurate information , any identified difference should be resolved by the applicant before applying for the passport to enable NIS serve you better,
  4. Applicants are equally advised to maintain their true hair colour and facial outlooks to avoid identity theft, forgery due to misinformation which is a crime punishable by law,
  5. All payments are to be done online or directly to designated bank within the passport office premise,
  6. Requirements are same with the old except the mandatory NIN from NIMC,
  7. There is need to establish One Person, One Identity,
  8. Prospective applicants are to apply by visiting NIS portal to make payments, NO CASH TRANSACTIONS are allowed,
  9. The Old passport runs concurrently with the enhanced e-passport (the new), for the new at the NIS Headquarters, Abuja and the Old at all the Passport offices nationwide including Gwagwalada in Abuja.