FAQs – New Passport

Is the old passport still valid?

Yes, the old passport is still valid; in fact it will run concurrently with the new passport till a certain given period that will be announced much later.

Can I apply online for the new passport?

Yes, you can apply online for the new passport as currently done for the old passport at https://immigration.gov.ng or https://portal.immigration.gov.ng

How much does the new passport cost?

Please see official fees for the new Nigerian Passport here

What is the procedure for obtaining the new passport?

Procedure for obtaining new passport is the same as the current procedure for the old passport. See how to apply for the new Nigeria Passport above.

When will the issuance of the new passport commence?

The issuance of the new passport will commence in March, 2019. Please see Commencement details.

What are the requirements for getting the new passport?

Requirements for the new passport are the same as the current passport. In addition, National Identity Number (NIN) is required and mandatory for issuance of the new passport

How long does it take to get the new passport?

Timeline for issuance of the new passport is the same with the old passport. However, Express Centres will be established in cities to cater for emergency/expedite need. Click here for timeline

Is the 10-year validity booklet available now?

10-year validity booklet will be available in Abuja as from March, 2019. See commencement date here

Can I get the new passport anywhere in Nigeria or abroad now?

Please see scheduled roll-out plan here.

Can I change my application for old passport to new passport and pay the balance?

This feature is not available yet.

How soon will the passport be available?

The passport will be available as from March starting with Abuja

If I want to change the old one to the new one at expiration, how do I go about it?

Once your current passport is expired, you can apply for the new passport booklet at the location where they are available as from March, 2019.

Those of us with the old passport, what do we do?

Hold on to the old passport until it expires. The old passport is still valid until it expired.

Is there an option to pick either 5-year or 10-year validity booklet?

Yes, adults of age 18 years and above have the option to pick between 10 or 5-year validity passport, persons below 18 years can only pick 5-year validity passport (32 or 64 page booklets).