Commencement (New Passport)

The new passport will be available in passport offices as from March, 2019. This is to give room for circulation of the new booklet to the International Communities, Diplomatic Missions, Immigration Authorities, ICAO etc.

The passport will be rolled out in Passport Offices in phases in the following order:

  1. Service Headquarters Abuja – 4th March, 2019
  2. Ikoyi Passport Office, Lagos – 25th March, 2019
  3. Kano Passport Office, Kano – 1st April, 2019
  4. Alausa Passport Office, Lagos – 8th April, 2019
  5. Nigeria High Commission, London – 15th April, 2019
  6. New York, Atlanta and Washington, USA – 22nd April, 2019
  7. Other locations (local and foreign) in sequence – from 29th April, 2019

New Nigerian Passport